Helping Entrepreneurs & Freelancers Master their Finances to Grow their Businesses!

Financial Services


Categorizing all Business Transactions weekly for MAX tax savings, Performing Monthly Bank & Account Reconciliations for accuracy and Preparing Monthly Financial Statements for Client to clearly see the Health of their Business. 


Explaining Financial Statements, Creating & Maintaining a Business Budget, Advising Client on Financial Analysis, Projections, Goal Setting, Job Costing, Increasing Revenue/Decreasing Expenses and ROI.


Monthly Tax Strategy, Quarterly Tax filing, Annual Income Tax Prep & Filing.

Other Financial Services

Accounts Receivable, (Invoicing, Tracking Payments, Collections efforts), Accounts Payable, (Entering & Paying Bills, Monitoring Due Dates, Cash Flow Management, Vendor Relations), Payroll processing & monitoring of Payroll Tax filing & payments.


"Tax Savvy Entrepreneur" Signature Course- Learn How to Master your Business' Finances for Maximum Tax Savings & Successful Financial Planning & Growth

"Tax Savvy Bookkeeper" Signature Course- Learn How to Successfully Start and Run your own Online Bookkeeping Business; Master the Online Space and Stand Out in the Financial Industry. 

Check out the Course details HERE!

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